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Susan came to me for a new more “Web 2.0″ look for her website.  Her former design by us was good and she was happy with it but it was time to freshen the place up or “refeather” our Internet nest. This design is XHTML Strict complaint and is powered by a PHP Content Management system.

With this system, the site owner can log into a password protected area where all aspects of the website can be customized and changed or updated. This Control Panel can add, edit or delete content pages on the website, image gallery photos and even a news or “blog” page for current personal updates.

Refeather Your Nest Home Page
Refeather Your Nest Home Page
Refeather Your Nest Photo Gallery
Refeather Your Nest Administration Edit Page
Refeather Your Nest Administration File Manager
Refeather Your Nest Administration Area
Refeather Your Nest Administration List Pages
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