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The jokes site is an appealing database driven resource for people to post, view, rate and review jokes from all over the world. This site features a powerful PHP/MySQL programmed back end to deliver 50,000 records for members and jokes.

With the joke website you offer a free exchange of jokes for users who are required to register to use the site. Advertisers benefit from having a vast database of users viewing their ads delivered in two banner sizes, plus text advertising in an opt-in site newsletter!

Since the beginning of the dot com evolution, joke sites have been extremely popular! Today is no different. People go to their favorite joke sites (or open their daily newsletter/joke email) to kick back and laugh. When people laugh, they let their guard down…and this is why joke/comedy websites that send out daily or weekly emails have the highest sales ratios when marketing other products on their websites or in their emails! It is all psychological! People look forward to reading their daily jokes! Think about it…how many a day do you get in your inbox? Maybe just a forward from a friend, maybe a friend recommended you, maybe YOU are a subscriber. Bottom line: People are the most ‘Open-minded’ to a good sales pitch when they are in a good mood!

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