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Web Designer Or Web Builder?

Web Designer or Web Builder?

So, you’re wondering whether you should use a DIY website builder such as Wix or Weebly OR if you should hire a professional web designer?

Let’s go over why DIY site builders are not recommended.

First to get the most important distinction out of the way—DIY website builders are not meant to be a long-term investment. The fact that they’re maybe $10/mo is a sign they’re not meant to be a business expense.

Not to mention—you’re going to find yourself hitting your head against design & functionality limitations. If the builder’s limitations hurt you at this point, they’re really gonna hurt you in the future when your business expands.

Are you looking for a ROI (Return On Investment) with your website? Do you want your website bringing you business or just being a billboard that your competition already has?

Sure, website builders give you some of the tools to build a static cookie-cutter site… but Microsoft Word gives you all the tools to write an amazing 1000 page book, and when’s the last time you did that?

You could spend 10 hours building your site. And then another 10 hours tweaking it. And then you may learn that your site is not working the way you wanted it to, or not portraying you as you’d like. You could have used that time elsewhere.

Need to sell things in a shop? Need to collect email addresses? Look classy & elegant? Convince people to trust you with their data?

Designers know how to make the tools that do exactly what you need. A designer knows how to get to business goals through design elements including but not limited to: proximity, color, shape, and balance.

So in summation, you can use these new, neat and fancy web builders to build your website as long as you want your website looking static and “blah”. And don’t forget, there are plenty other reasons, like SEO, that you need to get that ROI you’re looking for. A web builder won’t give you that!


Gill Web Creations can get you that ROI with a custom designed (and coded) site and bring your customers to you!


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